Pedal off the beaten path Istria - 8 days


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Buje, Istarska Županija, Croatia
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8 days
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  • Airport
  • Beach
  • Desert
  • Downtown
  • Farm
  • Forest
  • Harbour
  • Jungle
  • Lake
  • Marina
  • Mountain
  • Rainforest
  • Sea
  • Wine yard

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  • Rock Climbing
  • Safari
  • Sailing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Sightseeing
  • Skiing
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  • Tai chi
  • Trekking
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  • Whitewater
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  • Yoga
  • Zoo


1.DAY- ARRIVAL Arrival in Porec, meeting with guide and presentation of program. Dinner and overnight in hotel. 2.DAY - BIKING PARENZANA TRAIL - 61 km After breakfast transfer to Savudrija where we will start biking (on macadam) on the legendary route of the Parenzana, the former narrow-gauge railway line which deeply into the Istrian peninsula and from Porec to Trieste connects 33 Istrian cities, which today are located on the territory of even three states. Passing through magnificent rolling landscapes and lively Istrian vineyards, once it was named as the railway of the wine. After a pleasant and exciting ride from charming medieval town of Grožnjan to Vižinada we will pass through many tunnels, over old bridges and stop on many fascinating view point. Dinner and overnight in hotel. Asphalt - 2 km Macadam - 59 km 3. DAY - BIKING MOMJAN MUSCAT TRAIL - 33 km After breakfast transfer to Buje. Apart from enjoying the breathtaking landscape of the terrace-styled vineyards which resemble to an image on the front page of a holiday guide to Tuscany, you can indulge the sensation the area of Buje gives, a real polyphony of fragrances and tastes. After we have walked along the paved streets of the old centre of Buje, we continue downhill, follow the trail leading through Bibali, Krug and Smilovici and you will reach Momjan – a magnificent place located at an altitude of 270 metres with impressive ruins of the medieval citadel built on a rock. Visiting one of most popular wine cellar you will have opportunity to taste world’s best Muscat – that from Momjan. Return in hotel for dinner and overnight Asphalt - 16 km Macadam - 17 km 4.DAY - BIKING THE TRAIL OF THE ISTRIAN MALVASIA - 40 km Breakfast, transfer to Brtonigla - another picturesque medieval town located on top of the hill that arises on the place of an prehistoric hill-fort. The track leads us further through villages and then by the river Mirna we will ll reach the coastline and the touristic village Cervar Porat. Our adventure we will end in Porec. Ride along the old city centre and you will find there the Roman Forum which was once a fortified Roman camp, magnificent palaces from different historical periods, e.g. the “House of the two Saints” and the famous Euphrasian Basilica (Euphrasiana). Asphalt - 19 km Macadam - 21 km 5.DAY - BIKING TRAIL OF CAPTAIN MORGAN - 60 km Breakfast, A marsh, rare birds, a cursed city, buried pirates treasure, a fjord, a cave with a primitive man and a hermit, an ancient solar observatory - all this you can find on bike trail of Captain Morgan. We will start in Vrsar and pedal through the magical forest Kontija with a panoramic view of the beautiful landscape of the Lim Fjord to ruins of the medieval town Dvigrad. Passing Kanfanar and a magnificent Gothic-renaissance citadel Bembo in Bale we will finish this day in the ornithological nature reserve of Palud. Return in hotel for dinner and overnight. Asphalt - 19 km Macadam - 41 km 6.DAY - BIKING THE GLAGOLITIC TRAIL - 37 km After breakfast transfer to Cerovlje where we will start our adventure across the charming landscape of the pure untouched nature of the Istrian hinterland. The road leads one of the most attractive and picturesque Istrian medieval towns – Draguc until the fairy Kotli. Once a place of known millers, Kotli will completely enchant you with their scenery. A small bridge, rustically stone houses, a mill, a river and rapids that produce hollow-like holes in stone, after which the place takes its name. Typical istrian lunch will be organised in old Istrian Konoba in Hum – the world’s smallest town. Return in hotel for dinner and overnight. Asphalt - 19 km Macadam - 18 km 7.DAY - BIKING ORCHIDS TRAIL - 43 km After breakfast transfer to Pula, visit of Amphitheatre Arena. We start last biking trip through old city of Pula, along well-intended coast to Cape Kamenjak, surrounded by the 30 km long coast with numerous gulfs, bays and white beaches washed by the crystal clear blue – green sea we reach ancient Mutila, nowadays Medulin. On the was we can find 22 types of orchids including the endemic specie “Serapias Istriaca” (the Istrian orchid), see the so-called “islet - plate” where the dinosaur's footprint has been preserved or find the remains of luxurious Roman villae rusticae.Return in hotel for dinner and overnight. Asphalt - 19 km Macadam - 24 km 8.DAY - DEPARTURE After breakfast departure.


* welcome meeting * 3 x overnight in Buje region * 4 x overnight in Porec region * 7 x breakfast * 7 x dinner * transfers in minivan/minibus * guide during whole programme * visit of Porec, Rovinj and Pula * 6 x bike trips * 4 x energy meals * 1 x istrian lunch * 1 x visit of wine cellar with wine tasting

Not included

# Insurance # Flight tickets # transfer from airport to hotel and re-tour (can be organised) # Lunches and drinks when not mentioned # Bike rentals - 50 EUR per bike for 6 days


Euphrasius basilica in Porec (UNESCO), old town of Rovinj, Roman Amphitheatre in Pula, bike trail on old railway line Parenzana, nature park Lim Fjord, nature park Cape Kamenjak, Hum - the smallest town in the world, Istrian wine and food


Fix.Departure 20.03./10.04./24.04./15.05./05.06./19.06. ( 2010-03-20 to 2010-06-26 )
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Fix.Departure 03.07./21.08. ( 2010-07-03 to 2010-08-28 )
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Fix.Departure 04.09./18.09./25.09./16.10. ( 0000-00-00 to 0000-00-00 )
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