What is Traveletto?

Traveletto is a growing company driven by three hard working travel enthusiasts. Yep, we're probably just like you.. We love to travel, explore new places, meet new cultures, breath some new air every now and then.

When going on a trip it's not all that easy to know where to go and what to see once you reached your destination.. this is where Traveletto comes in. By gathering recommendations and reviews from you and other travelers you can easily find out what you shouldn't miss.

We want Traveletto to be the travel buddy we've been missing ourselves. An inspirational travel portal by travel enthusiasts and for travel enthusiasts.

Why should I become a member?

To get the most out of our travel services you need to have an account. By creating an account you can store your favorites and plan your trip. You can also submit new travel recommendations and review and rate others.

Does a Traveletto membership cost anything?

Nope. Membership will always be free but in the future some new features will be added which you can choose to upgrade to if you like to get even more out of Traveletto.

Do I have to be a tour operator/travel agency to submit travel recommendations?

No, everyone can create an account and submit new recommendations.

I saw a review on a travel recommendation I think is incorrect. Is it possible for me to edit or delete it?

No. User reviews can only be changed/removed by the user who wrote it. If you are not shure about the authenticity of the review, please contact us and we will look into it. However spam and abuse are not tolerated and everyone can report user added content that are not following our terms and conditions.

What will happen to travel recommendations I've created if I delete my account?

To completly remove your travel recommendations you have to delete them manually. Travel recommendations that you havn't removed when closing your account will still be searchable by other users, but wont be connected to your deleted profile anymore.

What will happen to reviews I've written if I delete my account?

If you want to close your account you can choose to leave your old reviews for other users to read or you can choose to completely remove everything.